Services & Profiles strives to provide our readers with interesting information and research on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board Market (“BB”), its listed Companies and its activities. The BB can be an excellent opportunity to uncover companies not yet discovered by main stream Wall Street or major American or Canadian firms, especially funds and institutional investors. However, there are certain strategies and windows of opportunity one should consider when looking to invest in BB listed securities. The following selection of small and micro cap stocks listed on Stockreporter represent investment opportunities that we believe have significant upside potential for investors.

So when begins coverage of a featured company, commits itself to comprehensive research and analysis applying sophisticated models and tools. co-operates with internationally experienced business analysts and researchers, who collaborate with various, highly interesting and vigorously growing companies in their daily work. If one of our business analysts or researchers considers that one of these companies is suitable for being profiled by Stock Prophets, than the company is thoroughly investigated and – if appropriate – proposed for inclusion on the website. So all companies profiled in this category are in compliance with our investment criteria and therefore qualify themselves for admission to

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