Our Business Analysts

analystStockreporter.de is an international team of experienced Business Analysts, who collaborate with various, highly interesting and vigorously growing companies in their daily work (primarily in the field of BB issuers). If one of our Business Analysts considers that one of these companies is suitable for being a strong buy for Stockreporter.de, then the company is thoroughly investigated and – if appropriate – proposed for inclusion on the Stockreporter.de website.

Meanwhile, Stockreporter.de’s team informs and introduces one new companies which fulfils these criteria to the readers and members every week. With regard to the special features of BB values, we consider that a duration of 6-12 months is suitable for the coverage and investment. Stockreporter.de’s Portfolio correspondingly comprises between 6 to 12 stock picks approximately over a period of 6-12 months, which are intensively followed and continuously analyzed during this period.

Nevertheless, we are only able to ensure this service and organize the research associated with it, by constantly extending and improving the quality of our team of Business Analysts. Meanwhile, Stockreporter.de has acquired two further Business Analysts and writers who are recognized in the financial and editorial world. Stockreporter.de now has available a total of five Business Analysts in London, the USA and Continental Europe, who altogether provide the attractive selection and high quality of stock picks on Stockreporter.de’s website.