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arrowThe primary focus of Stockreporter.de is to provide our readers with information on small and micro cap stocks listed on BB that we believe have significant upside potential for investors. Small and micro cap stocks are generally considered to be companies with market caps of less than $250 and $100 million. These stocks are generally not followed by Wall Street, major American or Canadian firms, or the main stream financial press, so you would have difficulty finding out about them yourself. This is where Stockreporter.de comes in.

Stockreporter.de is a free, interactive website dedicated to providing market exposure for today’s emerging growth companies which have the potential to be tomorrow’s big winners. As a Stockreporter.de subscriber, you will receive timely e-mail alerts advising you of potential ground floor opportunities in our profiled companies. We invite you to provide us with your e-mail address in the space provided below.navi_01

Following our initial e-mail distribution, the profiled company will be featured on this website. State-of-the-art technology will allow our members to ask questions via e-mail directly to the featured company’s management. We will then attempt to have periodic web simulcasts and conference calls during which management will provide responses to your questions. The management interview or conference call will be available on our website for you to hear at your convenience. Most important, you will be e-mailed when a new company is featured. In addition, you will have access to the profiled company’s press releases which will be distributed to you.

Stockreporter.de provides the medium through which members shall have access to timely, insightful, and comprehensive analyst coverage on these less known small cap companies. Due to the sheer volume of publicly traded companies trading on the public markets today, it is not surprising that many great opportunities fail to get picked up on most analysts’ radar screens. Our mission is to find these companies and assist them in gaining market exposure. To this end, we tap the resources of independent analysts. We aim to provide our members with the ability to find inefficiently priced stocks trading at discounts to where they would be trading if they were widely known. We use the services of one of the top client communications products because we believe quality communication is a key to the success of this kind of business. Such a success could be reached when finding the best casino bonus to play with and start wining.

Membership is free and entitles you to a host of Interactive Services. Weekly technical stock picks will be available on this site for New York Stock Exchange as well as NASDAQ National Markets, including and focusing on the BB segment. This section will be updated on Sunday nights and is available for short term traders. Stock quotes, mutual fund quotes, graphs including intraday charts, major market summaries, daily most actives, advancers, decliners, and headline news are available on this site as well. Discuss the markets with other members in our chat room and post messages to the management of the profiled companies on the site. Discussion and feedback on stocks is helpful, and we expect and appreciate your input.

This site is for aggressive, long-term investors with a high risk/reward profile. Please read our DISCLAIMER.