Profile Amitelo Communications, Inc.

Stock Exchanges: New Yorkamitelo
Symbol: OTC: ALOC
Share price: US$ 0.67 (as of 26 January, 2015)
Shares issued: 30 million (issued and outstanding)
Free Float: 9 million shares (estimate)
Trading volume: Newly listed company
Revenue 2015: US$ 4,78 Million (Projected)
Gross Margin 2015: US$ 2,53 Million (Projected)
Net Profit 2015: US$ 0,2 Million (Projected)
Date of report: 27 January 2015

Recent Developments:

A.December 12, 2015: The company started trading on the OTC under the trading symbol: ALOC.

B.December 17, 2015: Amitelo completed it’s acquisition of 100% Interest in Sunline Communications SL, a Spanish corporation, incorporated in July 2002 in Malaga / Spain. The company is a Telecommunications Service Provider offering Broadband Internet access via Satellite & Voice over IP for private and corporate customers in southern Spain. Sunline has recently initiated an Internet Broadband Service named “Canal-i” in Morocco for foreigners living in Casablanca and other major cities in the Kingdom of Morocco. Sunline is projecting a revenue of 1.5 Million Euro (1.87 Million US$) for the next Fiscal year.

C.December 31, 2015: Amitelo completed it’s acquisition of 100% Interest in MIDNET Middle East Telecommunications Network SAL, a Lebanese corporation, incorporated in July 2014 in Malaga / Spain. MIDNET S.A.L. is a Lebanese corporation, incorporated in March 2000 in Beirut / Lebanon. The company is an Internet & Telecommunications Service Provider offering Internet Broadband services to corporate customers in The Middle East. MIDNET is also involved in some specific Telecommunications projects in IRAQ. The company has applied for a Telecommunications License / Authorization from the Iraqi Authorities, to install a wireless Network in order to distribute Internet Broadband and Telephony pre-paid Services to the Public.

D.January 23, 2015: Amitelo Communications, Inc. has retained Liberty Consulting International, Inc. as the Company’s Investment Bankers and Investor Relations firm. Based in Aventura, Florida, Liberty Consulting International, Inc. specializes in Investment Banking and Investor Relations services for small and mid-cap companies worldwide. Amitelo has engaged Liberty to evaluate strategic acquisition options.

E.January 23, 2015: Amitelo Communications, Inc. announced it has signed a letter of intent to acquire GNT Global Network Telephone GmbH and is immediately beginning preparations for a listing on the OTC Bulletin Board. GNT is a German telecommunications operator and an international carrier. The company has revenues of approximately $28 million US for 2014 and anticipated revenue of $37 million US for 2015. GNT’s assets are valued at approximately $16 million US.

Future Developments:

The company is preparing to implement it’s International Gateway / main technical Point of Presence in Frankfurt / Germany in the HUB of the international Telecommunications, furthermore it will implement it’s main African Point of Sales in Casablanca Morocco to develop and enhance it’s sales in the West African regions. Furthermore, it is planning to open up it’s Middle East main Point of Sales in Beirut Lebanon to deal with the booming Middle East markets. Amitelo is studying the possibility of acquiring already established company in both the African and the Middle East regions.

Corporate Overview:

Amitelo Communications Inc. is an international telecommunications and internet service provider company. Amitelo’s core business is dealing with the delivery of high quality voice & Internet services. The company’s concentration is on providing both VoIP Voice over IP services and DSL / Broadband via Satellite in regions lacking connectivity. Several parts of southern Europe, many regions in Africa and the Middle East currently lack connectivity. The company is currently dealing with Internet & Voice traffic generated by it’s international subscribers and is in the process of establishing it’s POP Point of Presence / International Telephony Gateway in Frankfurt / Germany to perform several interconnects with reputable carriers. Amitelo will then develop its carrier services in order to achieve good quality of international lines and competitive market rates by establishing IP Direct Routes to a selection of African and Middle East countries.
The company’s Management brings over 70 years of combined experience in almost all aspects of Information Technology and Telecom.

Products and Services:

The company is offering DSL / Broadband Services to regions lacking partially or entirely connectivity. Many regions in Southern Spain & Portugal, Africa and the Middle East are lacking currently connectivity. The company is presently offering Internet high speed access via Satellite following 2 Models. The 1st Model is the dual system offering an uplink and a downlink and the 2nd model which is a lot cheaper than the 1st one: the one-way access (downlink only) and having the uplink established via GPRS for instance.

The company has solutions in line with any budget, people that can not afford to buy the dual system can go for the one-way system for a subscription fee less than 20 Euro / month with a complete Harware, Software & installation costs of approx. 649 Euro.

1) One-Way DSL Services via Satellite (Private users): This service is for customers that do not have an ADSL line and are seeking to increase the speed of their actual Internet connection. This solution provides solely the downlink via Satellite and the uplink remains via either a dial-up connection ISDN or Analog (via ISP) or GPRS (via GSM Operators). The company provides 3 different SAT DSL Connections up to 768 Kbit/s, up to 4 Mbit/s and up to 16 Mbit/s.
The Hardware, Software and complete installation of the service cost 699 Euro (one time fee) and the monthly charges depending on the speed of the DSL Connection up to 149 Euro / month.

2) Dual DSL System via Satellite (Corporate users): This service is designed for corporate customers lacking ADSL lines and willing to get a fast Internet connection up to 2Mbit/s via Satellite. This services provides both the uplink up to 512 Kbit/s and also the downlink up to 2 Mbit/s. This is not a dedicated bandwidth, hence the prices are quite cheaper than the dedicated ones.
The complete solution including Hardware, Software and Installation cost 3500 Euro and the monthly charges for the 512 Kbit/s Downlink costs 149 Euro / month. Generally the monthly charges are up to 599 Euro depending on the requested speed.
Such solutions are fully functional with a company LAN and it also provides a static IP Address. Customers that acquire such solutions are able to perform VoIP Calls over their Satellite dual DSL Connection, therefore they can achieve substantive savings in their telecommunications costs.

3) VoIP Voice over IP Direct Routes: This service is a carrier service that the company will launch by March 2015 for the Carriers, interconnecting with Amitelo’s Network. After the implementation of it’s International Gateway in Frankfurt / Germany, Amitelo will establish some selective IP Direct Routes to some Hard-to-Reach destinations in Africa in collaboration with the PTTs of each of the destinations. The company will market such services by accommodating carriers’ traffic to these destinations. This is a wholesale service and the company is planning to accommodate on its IP Direct Routes a total traffic of approx. 25 to 30 Million minutes per month by end of 2015. The company will be using IP technologies and techniques to minimize the costs of the conventional or the traditional way of termination of such traffic.

4) Wireless Network: In the 1st Quarter 2015, the company will implement it’s 1st Pilot Wireless Network in one Urbanization in southern Spain of 1000 Housing Units (Residents) and it will deliver via this Network, Telephone & Internet (Broadband) lines to it’s subscribers. This is a very promising service that will be developed by Sunline Communications SL, an Amitelo company, and it can be developed for up to 10 to 20 thousand subscribers. The company will be able to serve communities in regions completely isolated from the infrastructure and therefore still lacking connectivity and having its residents prevented from acquiring the basic elements and necessities that a Human being needs nowadays (an affordable Telephone Line, and an Internet Connection).

5) GSM Network: The company is willing and prepared to gain the award of its 1st GSM License in one of the West African countries during year 2015, hence the implementation of its 1st GSM Operations by end 2015 beginning 2015. The company will be able to offer GSM Prepaid services to its subscribers in form of a GSM Pack: A Cellular phone + pre-paid Line. The company is willing to initiate 3 different Packs: Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs depending on the Cellular phone brand and depending on the initial Credit bought by the subscriber. The initial Network will be for 20 to 30 thousand subscribers and will be increased according to it’s Business Plans. The company will be able to handle the total of its international generated traffic by itself as it will accommodate the international traffic on its proper dedicated link to its Amitelo’s international Gateway in Frankfurt for appropriate termination.

Sales and Marketing:

The company has seen the Market needs in southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In Southern Europe, the Market is liberalized but the need is still existing in regions where the local Telecommunications Operators did not invest to implement an infrastructure due to several reasons. Such regions are lacking connectivity and the community are constantly seeking Satellite technologies that do connect them to the rest of the world. In Africa, the situation is different, the market is not or is semi-liberalized but many regions are lacking connectivity due to lack of financial means. People or company with purchasing power are constantly seeking affordable Satellite DSL solutions to satisfy their needs.

The approach is absolutely different, in southern Europe the big majority of the people lacking broadband services do not hesitate to invest a reasonable amount of money to get DSL Service via Satellite and be connected to the internet with an acceptable speed. In Africa our approach is to concentrate on offering our DSL services to international companies operating from the continent.

Whereas in Southern Europe, we target the financially independent English, German, French and Dutch communities. These people have immigrated from their home countries to move to the sunny southern Spain and Portugal and are living in new built Urbanizations lacking completely or partially Telecommunications infrastructure. Here we communicate our offers and services to this specific target group via Radio Channels, and special Magazines & Journals in their own language.

Briefly, direct Sales & Marketing methods are being used in southern Europe whereas in Africa, we use the indirect ways or the channel sales. We are partnering with several local resellers and vendors on the West African coast that do have a customer base and offer our services to their customers.

The VoIP Direct Routes are being marketed among the Interconnected carriers of Amitelo. These carriers route their own traffic on Amitelo Direct Routes only if quality & rates are acceptable. Amitelo IP Direct Routes to African destinations will be fully respecting these factors, generally testing of the line is performed by the other carriers and as soon as the quality and rates are acceptable then the carrier will routes its own traffic on Amitelo’s circuits.

Strategic Growth Plan:

The company is considering targeted acquisition as a solid growth platform for its expansion, therefore Amitelo is presently conducting discussions and negotiations for acquisition of Interest in 2 Telecommunications service providers, one in Africa and the other in the Middle East.

The strategic growth plan of Amitelo is based on several contemplated acquisitions to enhance the expansion of its sales and also to increase its customer base.


The Company’s experienced management team has a winning track record in Business, Finance, Information Technology & Telecommunications:

Khaled Akid: President/CEO and Founder. During the last 12 years, he has worked as “Sales Director” of the IT Company SYSCOM in Augsburg, as “Director Sales” of the Software Company ATS Automated Testing Solutions GmbH in Munich, as “Carrier Relations Director” of the Telecommunications Company CATEL Telekommunikationsboerse AG in Frankfurt, as “Managing Director” of the Consultancy Company SUN Telecom GmbH in Frankfurt, and as “Vice President Business Development” of the Telecom / Carrier GNT Global Network Telephone GmbH Frankfurt.

Christian Schild: Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, co-founder. He has spent 14 years in the Banking industry at numerous divisions of Citibank/Citigroup in Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich, he has exercised several Management functions i.e. Head of Nordic Sales / Equity Derivatives, Head of Institutional Sales Germany / Global Warrants Division, Sales Manager of Foreign Exchange Switzerland, Sales Specialist of Foreign Exchange Options, FX Sales Trader. Mr. Schild has acquired, during his career at the Citibank, sufficient expertise and solid know-how in major banking fields. He studied Economics in Germany and the U.S. (Emory University, Atlanta, GA – Rotary Int. Scholarship)) and holds a Master degree in Economics from the University of Regensburg / Germany. During his professional career he has also passed successfully theoretical training modules at the Institute of Global Finance, N.Y, U.S.A, the International Trading Institute’s options trading courses (CBOT, Chicago, Ill.) as well as several management & leadership programs.

Klaus Velten: Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder. He has spent 8 years with the German Army as Logistics Officer in several locations in Germany. During the last 20 years, he has always occupied Key Technical Positions at several companies i.e. BOL Video Graphic GmbH, Hypercom Systems GmbH, ECI, GNT GmbH, Suntel and others. Mr. Velten has also worked on freelance basis as Network consultant on behalf of several German IT & Telecommunications Companies. He is experienced in almost all aspects of Telecommunications’ technologies, his achievements are huge in the design, development and realisation of Networks: Point-to-Point Networks, Point-to-Multipoint Networks, he possesses long experience with Switching & Interconnections, VoIP (H.323 & SIP), VoFR, WLAN, WLL, and other sub-fields

Michel Kandalaft: Director Business Development and Co-founder. He brings over 20 years professional experience in the IT Information Technology and Telecom. During his professional Career, Mr. Kandalaft has worked for several telecommunications companies in the Middle East, he has dealt with the fixed technologies, Wireless technologies, IP, VoIP, Frame Relay technologies and others. He has succeeded to found and successfully manage UNITEL s.a.r.l. , GlobalNet s.a.r.l. Jouney, and MIDNET Middle East Communications s.a.l, Lebanon. He has succeeded to build up national and international Networks with different signalling and different protocols.

Sebastien Tavera: Director Sales & Operations and Co-founder. He brings over 9 years Telecommunications & IT Experience in France and in Spain. He has studied Electro-Engineering in France and after his Formation, he has been always working on Freelance Basis with several reputable Telecommunications Operators in Europe. During the last four (4) years, Mr. Tavera has been working as a Technical-Commercial Manager on freelance basis on behalf of Telefonica. He has been acquiring customers and key accounts requesting Internet Lines, Telephony Services & Network Services, he has been planning the Implementation and Installation of technical sites on behalf of Telefonica. Mr. Tavera has a perfect knowledge of the Spanish Telecommunications Market and has the right contacts within that Market, he has the needed Entrepreneurial Stance to succeed in his undertaken.

Jalil Bourekba: Director International Networks and Co-founder. He achieved his Engineering Degree in Telecommunications in the College INSUP in Casablanca, he has achieved several Telecommunications Courses in Network Design, implementation and Management at INTELCOM – Rabat and at ISERT Casablanca where he acquired the CISCO CICD Certificate. Mr. Bourekba brings over 6 years Telecommunications & IT experience as Network Administrator and Manager at several companies in Morocco i.e. at the international Bank: Société Géneral SGMB at Telepac technologies and at Suntel SARL. During the last six (6) years, he has acquired solid experience and know-how in CISCO Networking products, their configuration, implementation and maintenance. Mr. Bourekba will be also Managing Amitelo’s subsidiaries in Casablanca.

Najib N. Lyan: Director Legal Services and Co-founder. Mr. Lyan has joined the Law Firm “LYAN & ASSOCIES” in 1988, and he has been appointed as the Managing Partner in 1995. Mr. Lyan is specialized in Telecommunications & Banking, he holds a Law License from the Saint Joseph University Faculty of Law in Lebanon, Master of French Law from the University of Paris II-Assas, and an Master of Comparative Jurisprudence from the New York University. He is an active member of several Business associations in the Middle East and he is the author of the Publication “Doing Business in Lebanon, a guide for Foreign Investors”.

Capital Structure:

The Company has 30,000,000 shares issued and outstanding with an approximate free float of 9 million shares.

Financial Projections:

The Company’s model generates a recurrent revenue stream from the monthly charges paid by subscribers. The complete installation costs of a one-way DSL via Satellite is approx. 699 Euro and 3500 Euro for the dual DSL System.

Net Revenue – 2014: US$ 4.783.000, 2015: US$ 12.840.000, 2015: US$ 35.190.000
Gross Profit – 2014: US$ 2.535.250, 2015: US$ 7.020.000, 2015: US$ 20.200.500
Net Profit – 2014: US$ 200.405, 2015: US$ 2.346.306, 2015: US$ 9.846.098
Earnings per Share – 2014: US$ 0.007, 2015: US$ 0.08, 2015: US$ 0.33

The Company’s next step is to move from a pink-sheet company to the Bulletin Board. It plans to have audited financials completed by June. 1, 2015 and to file for OTC-BB with excellent chances of obtaining approval by the end of September, 2015. The Company hopes to apply for the American or NASDAQ Exchange by the end of 2015.


The Company provides the right services to the right target groups within the niche Markets. The company is concentrating on providing Broadband Services via Satellite and VoIP Voice over the Internet Protocol to people / customers living in places that are lacking partially or totally connectivity.

The Company is developing its Business activities in southern Europe, specifically in southern Spain, and preparing to make next move towards the African markets. Southern Spain is considered to be the Gateway to the African Continent.

Amitelo is looking into diversifying its services by introducing a wholesale Carrier service by end of March 2014. This service will boost Sales and it will offer IP Direct Routes with acceptable quality & rates for traffic accommodation and termination.

Furthermore, the company is planning to increase its subscribers base by introducing new services through either wireless or GSM Networks.


Amitelo has a unique and wise way of doing Business. The company is developing its retail services prior to passing to the wholesale / carrier Business. The company is keen on forming solid grounds for its future expansion and is planning to use the carrier / wholesale Business as a mean to ameliorate it’s quality and rates but it not keen on having the wholesale minutes trading as its sole or major revenue source.

The company is undertaken Business into a multi-Billions industry and it is seeking to use the newest Satellite, IP and Wireless technologies existing on the market to offer good valuable services to its customers.

The highly favorable market prospects and the favorable development of the Company’s shares coupled with its strong business strategy and powerful products and services make this a highly promising and solid investment for the future.